Please fill out and submit the following form if you would like full access to the DIALOG corpus (i.e. to all its subcorpora). You will then receive an email with a password authorizing you to use the corpus in accordance with the conditions presented below.  Registration is valid for 1 year and may be extended.


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 Agreement for Users of the DIALOG Corpus

  1. I agree to use access to the DIALOG corpus for non-commercial purposes (research, study, teaching, etc.) only.
  2. When publishing any data from the corpus I shall acknowledge the DIALOG corpus and/or name of the specific subcorpus as the source. I shall likewise cite the entire name of the program and television station in the case of a citation containing more than 50 words and in the case of passages exceeding one turn.
  3. I shall not make public the DIALOG corpus audio recordings or video recordings.
  4. I shall send complete bibliographical information on published work in which data from the DIALOG corpus were used to the corpus administrator at the Institute of the Czech Language of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, a public research institution, at the email address dialog<at>
  5. Access to the corpus is non-transferable. I agree not to provide access to other users without permission from the corpus administrator.
  6. I agree that the administrator of the DIALOG corpus retains the right to change the conditions for access to the corpus and the conditions for its use if necessary.
  7. The administrator retains the right to revoke the right to access the corpus if the user fails to uphold the conditions for use of the corpus (particularly in the case of failure to uphold the condition of non-commercial use of the corpus).